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Nvidia’s $1 Trillion AI Pivot

Nvidia is turning its attention to a new phase of the AI boom. And the world’s leading AI company is leaning on three silent partners to pull it off. These could be the next AI superstars.

"The companies who partner with Nvidia could be the biggest stock market winners in 2024."

— Martin D. Weiss, PhD, Founder of Weiss Ratings


Hello, I’m Martin Weiss, founder of Weiss Ratings with a time-sensitive briefing unlike any you’ve probably heard before. 

You and I know Nvidia. 

It’s the face of artificial intelligence, the most exciting technology we’ve known in our lifetime.

But today, I’m going to tell you about three other, hidden faces of AI, that are even more exciting.

Nvidia itself recently became just the third $2 trillion company in the world.

In fact, Nvidia added $277 billion in market cap …


That's right.

Nvidia’s one-day gain alone was greater than the entire market cap of Coca-Cola …

McDonald’s …

Disney …

Netflix …

Even Shell.

All companies that have been around for decades with a lifetime of successes.

In fact …

It was the largest one-day stock gain in the history of the world.

Goldman Sachs recently said that Nvidia is …

“The most important stock on planet earth.”

And Carson Group strategist Ryan Detrick remarked that …

“Few things are more certain than death, taxes and Nvidia.”

How can anyone disagree with that?

It’s a fact. Nvidia is the only company anywhere capable of making chips powerful enough for the most advanced AI applications … AND … doing so in quantities big enough to make a difference.

These chips are essential for practically any company or anyone involved in AI — not just ChatGPT, but also Microsoft, Google, Amazon and thousands of other companies that use AI.

No wonder it was the No. 1 stock of 2023!

But that’s not why I reached out to you today.

As usual, the mainstream media has missed the mark.

Everyone has seen the headlines about Nvidia’s explosive rise. But what most people don’t know is that it takes a village to create enough of the most powerful chips in the world.

That’s right. The demand for these superchips is so great, the folks at Nvidia simply cannot get the job done by themselves.

They’ve got to rely on an elite group of companies that feed their high tech and their expertise into Nvidia.

Companies that we call Nvidia’s “Silent Partners.”

What’s more, within that small, elite group of companies, there are three I’m going to tell you about today, which based on our analysis, are the best of the best of the best for investors to look at right now.

Nvidia needs these kinds of companies throughout the chip production process — from the planning stage all the way through manufacturing.

And yet these companies are still mostly under the radar. Few people have heard of them. They’re still in the background. All despite the fact that they’re critical to Nvidia’s business.

But here’s the thing: As Nvidia has become the golden goose of AI, which everyone is talking about …

These firms have been collecting golden eggs, which practically no one is talking about.

First, let me name some of Nvidia’s silent partners that have been big in the news. Take ASML, for example, which works closely with Nvidia on their graphics processing units, their GPUs.


Its shares have been up as much as 471% …

Or look at Applied Materials, which helps Nvidia with a part of the chips called the wafer fabrication component.


Now, its stock is what I care about, and its stock has been up 452% …

If you think that’s pretty good, look at Super Micro Computer, which has partnered with Nvidia for over a decade on their GPU systems …


It has surged as much as 3,244%.

And then there’s Taiwan Semiconductor (TSM), the world’s largest chipmaker.

TSM produces advanced chips not only for all the AI things that are going crazy around the world, but also for billions of smartphones and all sorts of high-performance computing.

But guess what? Nvidia doesn’t manufacture its own chips in this category. It’s TSM that does it for them.


And it’s TSM’s stock that has exploded the most of all — as much as 4,744% since partnering with Nvidia.

This is the kind of impact working with Nvidia has had on these companies …

It’s why we say Nvidia has the Midas touch when it comes to AI stocks.

And it’s why so many of the companies that partnered with Nvidia have seen their own stocks skyrocket.

Just past history? No!

If it were, I wouldn’t be standing here telling you all about it.

I’m here because my entire team and I believe Nvidia is about to revolutionize the AI industry again.

You see, while everyone is patting Nvidia on the back for its past accomplishments …

Nvidia's tech teams have already moved on to the next phase of AI they plan to conquer.

While everyone sees Nvidia as just a chip company …

Nvidia has been quietly expanding … and even pivoting … to another lucrative business, which we predict could have equal or even bigger potential.

Elon Musk calls it the biggest challenge facing AI.


Nvidia’s own CEO, Jensen Huang, says Big Tech is going to have to spend over $1 trillion to meet the challenge.

And all our research tells us they’re spot on.

Because at the end of the day, AI will get you nowhere unless you have guess what!

Data, Big Data.

And unless you have a good place to STORE that big data, unless you have an efficient way to PROCESS that big data …

If you don’t have those things ... forget it.

You may as well just kiss this whole AI thing goodbye.

This is why Forbes and many others regard data as “the new gold.”

Without the data, or more accurately, without the ability to process the data …

There IS no AI. Period.

That’s what AI is. It’s the processing of huge volumes of data at warp speed.

Just to give you an idea of how much data I’m talking about …

The early version of ChatGPT, which set the world on fire, was developed using 175 billion data points.

That’s the equivalent of one million feet of bookshelf space.

The distance you travel from Boston to New York.

But now, every day, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created.

I know … that doesn’t even sound like a real number, does it?

But it is. And it’s all so new.

In fact, if we could gather up all the data in the entire world and take a close look at it, we’d discover something that truly blows the mind.

We’d discover that more than 90% of all that data was generated in just the last two years.

Unbelievable … but true!

And it continues. Just in the next few MONTHS, data generated thanks to AI is expected to increase another 50%.

I know what you’re thinking. It’s the same thing everyone is asking.

Where in the heck are we going to put all that data? You can’t just let it evaporate into thin air. You’ve got to store the stuff somewhere!

And right now, data is stored in large buildings called data centers, and they’re all over the place. There are more than 5,400 of them just in the United States alone.

But here’s the thing. They’re obsolete. They can’t keep up.

To keep up with AI, new, far bigger data centers are desperately needed.

And they’re needed urgently. Not next month. Not tomorrow. Right now.

I’m talking about AI data centers that are six times more powerful than anything out there today,

These are the ones that provide the vast storage capacity that’s desperately needed to handle the massive volumes of data that AI generates …

That AI cannot EXIST without.

And right now, there are only 300 in some stage of development. 

More are coming by the day, but where are they?

Scattered all over the country.

In places like Council Bluffs, Iowa, across the border from Nebraska.

That’s where Google has committed over $5 billion to a next-gen data center, occupying more than 2.5 million square feet.

And they’re not the only ones building right now.

Also in Iowa, Meta is investing billions in data centers of 5 million square feet.

How big is that? Well imagine the flight deck of a giant aircraft carrier. Then imagine 275 of them side by side. That’s how big that place will be. Just for the storage and processing of data!

I don’t even dare call these sprawling complexes “data centers” anymore. You’ve got to call them a super data center or a data metropolis or whatever. I call them “mega data centers.”

This is no secret. Google and Meta know all about it. So do Amazon and Microsoft. They’re all jumping into this in a big way.

In fact, overall, these AI mega data centers are not just expected to grow fast. They’re expected to literally explode with growth estimated at 2,000% in the coming years.

Can you believe that? 2,000% growth?!

Well, I believe it. Because I see it happening all around me.

And if there’s one thing I personally know without a doubt, it’s this: It’s not just a fad. It’s serious stuff.

Almost every company in the United States. Almost every government in the world. Almost every army, every navy and air force! To compete, even just to survive, they all need AI.

This is BIG. And it’s happening FAST.

And it’s why Nvidia is in such a unique place.

All the big AI companies — Amazon, Meta, Microsoft and Google — they all rely on Nvidia.

They’re Nvidia’s largest customers. And they can’t do it without Nvidia.

Nvidia is already there. It’s already set its stake in the ground and firmly defending that turf.

It has already developed the special servers and other tech that’s specifically designed just for these AI mega data centers.

And you guessed it.

THIS is Nvidia’s big trillion-dollar pivot …

From a business dedicated to chips … to a business that’s dedicated to chips AND … mega data centers.

What’s ironic, though, is that …

This is also what most people are missing. They don’t see the pivot.

Even if they do see it, they don’t know how to invest in it. We do. And I’ll tell you exactly how before we’re done here today.

Look, Nvidia’s GPUs already dominate the market.

They’re already found in 98% of existing data centers. That's proof that everyone has been clamoring for them.

Now, on top of that, Nvidia has a whole suite of new advanced components which will be inside the AI mega data centers, and …

Again, we predict countless companies will be clamoring for them.

Nvidia’s CEO calls them “AI factories.” And his engineers have the blueprints in hand, ready to build not just dozens, not just hundreds, but thousands of them.

In fact, I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that with these blueprints, Nvidia's engineers hold the future of AI in their hands.

This is well known. But as an investor, it’s what’s happening behind the scenes that gets me most excited of all.

Because again, just like with its chips, Nvidia isn’t building these next-generation AI data centers alone.

To get the job done, it’s quietly leaning on a NEW SET of Silent Partners, the ones we’re here to introduce you to today.

And here’s the thing. The names of THESE companies are not well known. Even some of the savviest of investors I’ve met have never heard of ‘em.

Yet, we think they could be among the biggest AI opportunities we’ve seen so far.

And I should know, because my firm has a history of finding these kinds of Silent Partner stocks — before practically anyone else.

I’m talking about Weiss Ratings, the firm I founded 53 years ago.

From day one, my goal has always been to give regular Americans the tools they need …

Not just to keep up with Wall Street …

Not just to beat the best on Wall Street …

But to do even better.

Sound like a pipedream? Then consider these facts.

We give “buy,” “sell” and “hold” ratings to about 12,500 stocks, and we’ve been doing it for decades.

And in the last 20 years, the average gain on our tech stock trades has been 220%.

Including laggards, including losers.

That means investors following our ratings could have multiplied their money more than three-fold.

On 1,306 trades!

That helps explain why The Wall Street Journal reported that our stock ratings ranked number one, over everyone else covered, including wealth management giants like:

Those institutions have millions of customers …

They manage trillions of dollars.

Still, our ratings beat theirs hands down.

Why? I say it’s because Weiss Ratings is the only completely independent, truly unbiased ratings company.

We rate not only stocks, but also ETFs, mutual funds, banks and insurance companies — 53,000 in all. And unlike our big Wall Street competitors, we never accept a dime from the companies or issuers we rate. Never have and never will.


As I said, the Weiss tech stock ratings have given investors 1,306 chances to triple their money, on average.

And many of the biggest winners among our “buy” rated companies are precisely those quietly working with some of the largest tech giants in the world.

These are what we call “Silent Partner” stocks.

Companies quietly profiting from a larger company’s deals.

So, if you can get in on these Silent Partners before the rest of the market catches on, it could be a great boon to your investments, in my opinion.

Can I guarantee that will happen? Of course not. No one can know for sure what the future will bring.

But consider the history:

Pegasystems was a virtually unknown tech company at the time we labeled it a “buy” in 2003.

Then look what happened!

Jeff Bezos and Amazon jumped in.

They cut a big deal with Pegasystems for something that they knew would be huge in the future — cloud computing.


And they were so, so right. Pegasystems shares went through the roof, exploding as much as 1,105%.

But if you think that’s a big story, look at what happened when Apple launched the iPhone.

There was a little, unknown company that made some chips. No big deal. Except for one thing:

Their chips were the key for connecting iPhones to the internet, to all kinds of Bluetooth devices and practically everything else under the sun.

The company’s name? Skyworks, which practically no one had ever heard of … until, that is, around the same time our Weiss Ratings identified this Apple Silent Partner as a “buy” in 2008.


And sure enough, as soon as iPhone profits started to roll in, Skyworks shares soared as much as 1,169%.

Meanwhile, Microsoft and Citrix cut a big, BIG deal … to pull off what I think was one of the most important upgrades at Microsoft since Bill Gates first introduced Windows.

They moved all the major Microsoft apps from your personal computer where it had been stuck for decades … up into the cloud, where anyONE can work from anyWHERE.

Lo and behold, Microsoft 365 was born, and Citrix soared.


Result? From the day Weiss Ratings first pegged this Microsoft silent partner stock as a “buy,” it has surged as much as 903%.

But if you think that’s a big gain, check out Tyler Technologies. Since the day Weiss first announced that Tyler Technologies was a “buy,” its shares didn’t just soar 1,000% ... they didn’t just soar 2,000% …


They went up 10,689% …

Enough to morph a grubstake of $10,000 into $1,078,900.

Why? A big reason was because Tyler Technologies not only became a silent partner at Microsoft but also a silent partner at AMAZON WEB SERVICES, AWS.

And why is that such a big deal? Because AWS is, by far, the biggest cloud provider on Earth.

Three times bigger than Google’s cloud. Even bigger than Microsoft’s cloud.

In just one second, it handles 100 million requests. That’s more than the views Fox got in the first half of the most-watched Super Bowl in history.

And it does it every SECOND, hour after hour, day after day.

And let’s not forget the biggest winner of ‘em all. Nvidia itself.

Today, Nvidia is the biggest company leading the biggest tech revolution of the century and probably the biggest tech EVOLUTION in the history of mankind.

New news? Maybe for most people. But not for our Weiss Ratings.

Weiss Ratings first issued a “buy” on Nvidia back in 2011, when it was just a small tech company. Around that time, behind the scenes, Nvidia itself had a lucrative silent partnership with Microsoft. And you know what happened next …


The price explosion of Nvidia’s shares was DOUBLE the price explosion of Tyler Technologies. Not 10,000% and change but 21,106%.

Does every company in the world land these kinds of partnerships? No. Does every partnership lead to megaprofits? Of course not.

But that’s why our ratings can make such a huge difference.

At Weiss Ratings, typically, it’s only when the partnership starts to click … when the partnership starts bringing in revenues … that it triggers an upgrade to a “buy.”

So, we don’t have to manually sift through the thousands — maybe millions — of silent partner contracts out there to somehow find the needle-in-the-haystack contracts that are going to make the silent partner STOCKS hit the stratosphere.

Our ratings system does all that grunt work for us.

And that’s why I’m here today.

Because Nvidia’s the biggest winner of them all. Because we believe Nvidia’s Silent Partners have the best potential of them all. And because some of our favorites among them have ALREADY started surging.


Like ASML, which has been up 471% …


Applied Materials, up as much as 452% …


SMCI, which skyrocketed as much as 3,244%.


Not to mention Taiwan Semiconductor, which soared as much as 4,744%.

They’re all playing crucial roles in Nvidia’s rapid rise.

That’s proven fact. No doubt about it. But it’s history. NOW, let’s turn to the future.

Thanks to Nvidia’s pivot to massive AI data centers …

And thanks to a new, fresh $1 trillion that Big Tech is likely to pour into the AI data centers …

And now, while most investors are still flopping around on their surfboards, trying to catch an old wave …

THIS is when our ratings have zeroed in on three stocks that we predict will be the Nvidia’s NEW Silent Partner winners.

If you’re like me, you want to learn more about these stocks. Not tomorrow. Not tonight. But right now.

So, here goes …

The first of Nvidia’s silent partners I want to tell you about is not a household name and maybe never will be.

But it’s absolutely amazing when you think about it because this company’s technology is directly or indirectly INSIDE the devices used by guess how many people around the world?

If you’re thinking 100 million, you’re way off. If you’re thinking 500 million, you’re STILL way off. This company’s stuff is used by more than 5 BILLION people around the world.

You heard me right. More than 5 billion people.

Imagine every man, woman and child living in America. Then, imagine 16 countries with the same population as America lined up side by side. That’s how many people use things with this company’s stuff in ‘em.

And yet it’s still practically unknown?!

And yet, practically no one is talking about the investment opportunity?!


When will that change? When will they burst onto the scene in a big way?

I think it will be when investors discover its silent partnership with Nvidia — a partnership to help BUILD the massive AI data centers which are the entire focus of this discussion you and I are having right now.

I have lots more to say about this company.

But sorry, if I tell you more now, I’m afraid I’ll spill the beans, everyone will rush to buy it all at once, and our VIP members like you will be left behind.


What I WILL do, just a few minutes from now, is show you how to download our special bonus report on this company, “Nvidia’s Silent Partner with 5.6 Billion Users.

First, though, let’s talk about Nvidia’s second silent partner, which also is very surprising, but in a different way.

This is another company most people have never heard of, but in this case, the reason is quite different. It’s because average consumers have no use for its products at all and probably never will.

You see, this company’s customers aren’t average consumers. They’re big companies.

And here’s the big surprise, among the 500 giant and supergiant companies in the WORLD, the overwhelming majority are among its prime customers!

And now, Nvidia needs this company to support the massive buildout ahead of its AI mega data centers.

This is one of the only companies in the world that can give Nvidia the specific support it needs to keep all its massive new AI data centers humming. 

The market for this company’s most important component is expected to more than quadruple in the coming years. 

If that happens, we predict the shares of this Silent Partner could go ballistic.


And we’ve also just prepared a special bonus report on this company, Nvidia’s Silent Partner That Conquered the Fortune 500.

Nvidia’s third silent partner is probably THE only company of its kind because it has the closest thing I’ve ever seen to a real-world, AI-based crystal ball.

It doesn’t use AI to predict the economy or the stock market. Instead, it’s dedicated to simulating the results of nearly everything engineers have created or might want to create.

Its customers are in a wide range of industries — autos, aerospace, energy, transportation and many others.

Oracle, Porsche, Medtronic, BMW, Panasonic and nearly 20,000 other customers depend on them.

It’s helping its clients pioneer the next wave of revolutionary tech ideas.

And all this puts this company in prime position to benefit from the rise of AI data centers. And Nvidia needs them to fuse together cutting-edge technologies, something they’ve done time and again. So much so that …

Nvidia already says that, with this company’s assistance, they can now solve some problems “a million times better” than they did just 10 years ago.


There can be no cutting corners when it comes to building AI data centers. And this company supercharges Nvidia’s blueprints, bringing about solutions that might otherwise be impossible.

Our special report on this company, “The Silent Partner that Nvidia calls 1 Million Times Better,” is also available to you for immediate download, as I’ll show you in a moment.

It Could be Like Getting Nvidia at a Discount

But first, let me explain what’s especially exciting right now.

As each of these Silent Partners help Nvidia perfect AI data centers …

With hundreds of billions of dollars being spent on their construction each year alone …

What do we think will happen to their share prices?

A colleague of mine, an advisor to 12 high-tech startups in Silicon Valley, predicts they will really benefit from this relationship.

Nvidia is about to revolutionize the AI industry again.

But to make that happen, it will need each of these three Silent Partners.

Bear in mind that, combined, their market is less than 1/10 Nvidia’s.

So, the price of their shares is, for now at least, a heck of a lot lower than Nvidia’s. It’s day and night.

Yet, I cannot stress enough this critical point: All three of these AI superstar companies are vital to Nvidia’s AI data center buildout.

Which is why we predict what should be obvious: As Nvidia grows, so will they.

And we don’t make this prediction on a whim. We have an enormous amount of data to support it, including the four major Nvidia partners I just named that have proven to be wildly successful …

ASML, Applied Materials, SMCI and Taiwan Semiconductor.

When will it begin for the three smaller silent partners I’m introducing you to now?

The fact is, these three Silent Partners are ALREADY helping to secure the future of both Nvidia and AI.

Tech giants around the world already depend on them.

And now, Nvidia needs them to make this $1 trillion AI pivot a booming success.

That’s why I’m here, to tell you about them before they get too hot.

Extra Bonus: Three Under-the-Radar Stocks Powering the AI Data Center Boom

All the facts you need to know — and need to make an investment decision — about Nvidia’s three Silent Partners are in the reports you can claim in the next few minutes.

But first, you need to know that Nvidia’s three Silent Partners aren’t the only companies that we think will receive a boost from this impending mega data center buildout.

Because Nvidia doesn’t have a total monopoly on these hyperscale data centers.

With that critical fact in mind, we have identified three under-the-radar stocks that are powering the AI data center boom.

Much like Nvidia’s Silent Partners, these companies have positioned themselves as essential to the massive data center buildout.

And we believe they could also be in the forefront of explosive AI growth in 2024. We’ve identified …

Combined, these under-the-radar companies are also just a fraction of the size of Nvidia.

But as their work on AI data centers becomes well-known, we predict their stocks could also become AI superstars.

And they’re all “buys” right now, according to Weiss Ratings.

Remember, the average gain on “buy”-rated trades, using the Weiss Ratings, is 220% — including the losers.

We will send the names and ticker symbols for these stocks as well …

And show why we believe it’s best to take a position in them as soon as possible.


All in our just-released report, 3 Under-the-Radar Companies Powering the AI Data Center Explosion.

This report is also available for you to download within minutes.

But first, let me introduce you to the man who leads this entire project, the Director of Tech Investing Strategies at Weiss Ratings.


His name is Michael Robinson.

Michael’s a leading tech analyst who’s been at the forefront of just about every major emerging technology story of the last decade.

3D Printing. Gene editing. The mobile revolution. Big data. Cloud computing. And especially artificial intelligence.

All before virtually anyone else.

You may have read one of his investigative exposés in The Wall Street Journal or the New York Times.

Or maybe you caught him railing against Wall Street corruption on the Larry King Show. He’s also been on Fox Business, Bloomberg and CNBC.

But unlike most analysts, Michael has top-level access to technology-pioneering CEOs, prize-winning scientists, and high-profile industry insiders.

That’s probably why he’s been an advisor to 12 high-tech startups in Silicon Valley and served on the advisory board of a venture capital fund.

It’s this kind of access and boots-on-the-ground research that’s enabled him to consistently give investors the chance to benefit handsomely from remarkable breakthroughs.

In fact, Michael Robinson is a giant in tech investing, regularly beating the stock market by 300 to 500%.

In the last several years, he gave his readers the opportunity to score dozens of double- or triple-digit winners.

And right now, he’s all over these next-generation AI data centers.


That’s why, today, we’re giving you this chance to get his four urgent reports as an extra bonus …

You will get detailed instructions on how to take a position in every one of these stocks.

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So, you can have all the information you need to get started immediately.

At the same time, we’ll also provide you full access to our Weiss Ratings … including a few special features not available to the general public.

This includes notifications and alerts on market events and opportunities that could be of interest.

We’ll grab the information we need to send this special report and Weiss Ratings access in a moment.

But, the AI revolution is just beginning to rev up. In fact, among all the tech revolutions I’ve ever seen in my lifetime — television, the internet, mobile computing … the AI revolution is the most far-reaching in its impact, the most sustainable over time and probably the most profitable for investors.

It’s so powerful in its impact. So far-reaching in its consequences. And it’s got legs. So, yes, the special reports available for download today will help you jumpstart what I think is a great portfolio, but …

It’s just the first of a long series of opportunities we’d like to bring your way. That’s where Michael Robinson comes in.

He was the Chief Investment Strategist for Trend Trader Daily.

He was the Director of Technology Investing at Money Map Press.

And for ten years, he was the chief strategist at Radical Technology Profits, giving his readers the chance to make a long series of double- and triple-digit gains.

I can’t hardly imagine anything better for investors than the alliance — and friendship — he and I have formed.

With his deep industry knowledge, he’s among the first to take a deep dive into disruptive technologies that the public has heard very little about.

He’s able to predict when they’re poised to become a big part of our daily life.

And he gives you that valuable intelligence in his monthly letter, Disruptors and Dominators.


As the name implies, Disruptors and Dominators gives you both sides of the great innovations you see in the world today.

It covers the new, rapidly emerging companies that disrupt the world for the better.

And, at the same time, it also covers the well-established companies that already lead their industry.

That’s what I consider the best of both worlds …

The opportunity for faster, often explosive growth …

Plus, the chance for safer, longer-term, sustainable growth.

For my money, I want both.

And that’s what you’ll get when you become a member of Disruptors and Dominators.

You’ll get Michael’s tech expertise, honed over 40 years in the business.


And now, since we’ve partnered with Michael, his picks are backed by my proprietary Weiss Ratings algorithms.

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When you become a member of Disruptors and Dominators you’ll have access to the Weiss stock ratings, any time you like, on 12,500 stocks.

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Nvidia’s Silent Partner with 5.6 Billion Users

Nvidia's Silent Partner That Conquered the Fortune 500

The Silent Partner That Nvidia Calls “1 Million Times Better”

3 Under-the-Radar Companies Powering the AI Data Center Explosion

Then, on the first Friday of every month, we’ll send a new issue of Disruptors and Dominators, with new stock opportunities.

Michael will fill these issues with his lifelong tech expertise and award-winning writing.

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Now, there is a cost for this letter …

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How do you sign up for Disruptors and Dominators?

I’ll tell you in a moment …

But before we go there, Michael has asked me personally to share one more very unique opportunity with you.

Extra, EXTRA Bonus:
The U.S. Government’s Favorite AI Stock

Look, AI’s limitless possibilities, especially the AI mega data centers, are a big deal. They are the future of technology.

But some harsh realities mean we must focus on the present, too.

That’s because there’s a digital plague among us.

I’m talking about cybercrime, which is set to cost the world …

$9.5 trillion! This year alone!

That’s large enough to be the world’s third-largest economy behind the U.S. and China.

The U.S. Government itself is not immune to these attacks either.

Federal agencies reportedly lose billions a year.

That’s where the tech innovators at Michael’s last pick come into play.

They leverage AI to detect more than one million cyber-attacks each day.

With their unique industry knowledge, they’re able to advise the U.S. Government on AI and cybersecurity.

And that’s not all.

They sell AI-based security services to 95% of the Fortune 100 and 79% of Global 2000 firms.

Plus, they just announced a high-priority collaboration with Nvidia that is intended to drastically enhance several of their platforms.

That’s why we also have a very unique bonus report on The U.S. Government’s Favorite AI Stock.


Inside, you will learn how this company acts as the first line of defense in protecting trillions of dollars around the world.

How it’s essentially helping to protect the Western world from cybercrime.

And here’s what I like the most about them: Stability, long-term stability. Why? Because they’ve got so many US government contracts. And that makes them a very attractive play in the long term.

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